MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!!! Surveys for patients and physicians

Systemic Mastocytosis (SM) patients and their physicians in the UK (and soon, elsewhere in Europe), please participate in this groundbreaking survey on the patient experience with all forms of SM, the burden it causes, and our unmet needs!

We are excited to learn more about how patients experience life with SM– and the data can help us make the case for new medications and new health services.

You are eligible if you are:

A patient: 

— 18+

— with a diagnosis of ANY form of systemic mastocytosis

— receive your care in the UK


A doctor:

— you are practicing in the UK

— you care for at least one person with systemic mastocytosis


Both surveys, for patients and for physicians, can be found at:

Designed with patient advocacy groups & leading mastocytosis doctors, sponsored by Blueprint Medicines.