Ideas for fundraisers

We are open to your ideas, but here are some you might consider:

  • Have a cake sale or at your work or at school.
  • Hold a coffee morning and get your community involved.
  • Look for local businesses that could sponsor a charity and ask if we can be the designee.
  • Walk, run, swim, bike, climb something that’s a challenge for you, whatever your fitness level, and collect donations.
  • Shop at your favourite online shops using and Amazon Smile.
  • Set up a fundraiser on your Facebook page.   It’s easy to set up.  Let us walk you through it, or use this guide from Facebook and choose The UK Mastocytosis Support Group from the “nonprofits” listed.

Click here to set up your own fundraiser for The UK Mastocytosis Support Group using BT My Donate as a platform or email us to talk over your ideas! We’re happy to send you personalised posters and other materials to help make your event special.