Some people with mast cell diseases are prescribed a medication called ketotifen, which is an H1 antihistamine and mast cell stabiliser.   It can sometimes be a challenge to obtain.   On this page we try to keep patients, pharmacists and doctors up to date with the latest information on how to obtain ketotifen.


Update as of November 21, 2018

Ketotifen Elixir (liquid) should be available.  The current formulation (available since late spring, 2018) is strawberry-flavoured and does not contain ethanol.  The PIP Code your pharmacist needs is USP7740.  The elixir can be ordered by your pharmacist directly from Alloga (the UK distributor) or the usual wholesalers who supply pharmacies.

Ketotifen Tablets have been difficult to obtain over the past several weeks.  As of today, they should be available to order directly from Alloga by your pharmacist.  The producers are hopeful that the tablets will also be available within days via the usual wholesalers (such as Alliance, AAH and Phoenix).   Please share the following information with your pharmacist about how to obtain the tablets.  

If you would like to report a problem obtaining ketotifen please email us at