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Vision for UK Masto:

To help deliver a cure for Mast Cell Diseases including mastocytosis and mast cell activation syndromes, and ensure all those with these diseases receive early and correct diagnoses, optimal treatment, and the emotional support they need.

Goals of UK Masto:

To support Mast Cell Disease patients so they can better understand their disease; to be the patients’ voice as advocates with all key stakeholders; and to be lead proponents and supporters of world class research into all forms of Mast Cell Disease; delivered through a world-class charity.

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Louise and Julian’s Story
My name is Louise, my son Julian is age four, he will be five in three weeks. He was diagnosed with UP two months ago. Julian got chickenpox when he was four months old. He was left with small marks on his skin. For years I assumed they were from the chickenpox. I had no 

Kylie and daughter Lucia’s Story
I’m Kylie and we have three daughters, my youngest Lucia is aged 7 months. Here is a bit about Lucia’s condition. Lucia was about 4 months old when she was diagnosed with Urticaria Pigmentosa, she had the spots on her body for about 2 months beforehand but the GP had no idea what they were 

Raymond’s Story
I have been diagnosed with Idiopathic Anaphylaxis (IA). It all started at the tender age of 48 when I woke in the night, head ringing, itching all over and when I looked in the mirror a face the size of a football. I uttered the famous words to my wife “I think there’s a problem”. 

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Member Conference and AGM


10th November is our member Conference and AGM at Jury’s Inn, Hinckley from 10.00 to 17.00. We look forward to seeing you all there.

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