Stephanie’s Story

I am 36, married with 2 little girls aged 10 and 3. For the last 6 years I have been treated for an increasing number of ‘allergies’. It was only when I suffered an anaphylactic attack that I was referred to an allergy specialist. After numerous tests they concluded that I had what they believed to be a mast cell disorder and I was referred to another hospital.

I had all my blood work done, then allergy testing the next day (to eliminate any doubt), I should then have had my bone marrow biopsy, but, because I react so severely to any medication we decided to wait for the tryptase results first. I will then go back for my skin biopsy and then we should start to get a better picture.

I have carried an epi-pen for the last two years, but we understand that the doctors are concerned with the speed in which this is developing. I take a high dose of anti-histamines daily to try and control the severity of the attacks. This last attack kicked off 7 weeks ago; since then I have lost over a stone in weight and just feel awful…

[anaphylaxis, tryptase, skin biopsy, weight loss, adult]