Paul’s Story

Paul has had type 2 diabetes since 1997. This year he was passed on to the haematologist by the thoracic specialist after a very persistent cough. After a recent bone marrow biopsy Paul was told he had systemic mastocytosis. CT scans showed his spleen was three times bigger than normal. No treatment has been suggested and he is now awaiting a further appointment. In 2001 Paul underwent a knee replacement operation. At the very end he went into shock and I was warned that he was on life support. Both the excellent surgeon and anaesthetist were mystified as Paul was such a healthy man. He came round two days later to see me, our two sons and the vicar at the bedside!! They have never found a cause in spite of several investigations. We can now only presume that we have discovered the reason and will suggest it (tactfully) to our doctor at the same time as we are requesting emergency shock treatment for us to carry.

[systemic mastocytosis, bone marrow biopsy, drug intolerance, adult]