Megan and son Clement’s Story

Clement was around 2 months old when his first spot appeared on his tummy. A few more started appearing on his tummy and back then when he was 5 months old we went to see a skin specialist who diagnosed UP [urticaria pigmentosa]. More spots appeared on his torso, also a few on his arms, legs, face and sole of his left foot.

I always say that Clement is one of the lucky ones after seeing this website. He’s now 8 and has never had any major reactions or itchiness, his only allergy is hay fever and the only medication he is on is Piriteze [cetirizine] for his hay fever. He does have the occasional headache but I put it down to tiredness, I don’t know if it is linked to his UP.

I found this fantastic website when Clement was suffering with an itchy tongue and I received some great advice. I still don’t know if it was linked to his UP or whether he’d bit or burnt it and kept scratching it with his teeth.

The skin specialist told us that Clement would grow out of his UP in adolescence. We live in hope that this is the case and will keep you informed!

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