Ketotifen Update (4th December 2019)

Ketotifen Tablets(1mg) may be available through four companies that have permission to import unlicensed medications into the UK. Those companies are Mawdsley’s, Waymade PLC, Alium Medical, and Target Healthcare. Your pharmacist or hospital can contact those companies directly to find out which products they can secure. As soon as we have more information about the exact products each can import, we will share that here. Some of these companies may list it under the name Zaditen, so be sure the pharmacist asks for both. We have been in contact with all four of these companies and all have said that it is possible to obtain the tablets.

We are relying on “unlicensed” versions of Ketotifen because the regular supplier of Ketotifen to the UK does not have any product. The unlicensed versions are made in the EU under EU standards, but they have not gone through the UK licensing process. We will let you know if we hear that the regular supplier is again able to supply Ketotifen tablets.

Ketotifen Elixir (liquid) is currently available, with supply expected to be sufficient to February 2020. At that time we may be also looking to the companies that import unlicensed versions from elsewhere in the EU, as we have with the tablets. At present the regular supplier is not making more Ketotifen elixir to sell in the UK.

Please note that Ketotifen has recently been designated a “special” medication, which means that it must be ordered specially for you/your child and there may be new hoops to jump through to get the pharmacy to provide it to you. We have been told that there is still supply available at Alloga, who distributes it. All we can recommend is persistence until you get it.