Ketotifen Elixir (Liquid) Ordering Information

Ketotifen Elixir is available, but some patients may still be having trouble obtaining it.

Because of a shortage of the original form of Ketotifen Elixir (liquid), CD Pharma have received permission to sell an alternate form of the liquid originally packaged for the market in Poland.  The original liquid was strawberry flavoured while the “temporary” form is banana flavoured, if you aren’t sure which version you have.  Because the new banana-flavoured liquid is technically a different product, the ordering information has changed.  This has been confusing to some pharmacies.  Please provide your pharmacy with the following information if they are having trouble obtaining Ketotifen Elixir:

Distributor:  Alloga

PIP Code:  USP7740

You may want to print the following information provided to us by CD Pharma to share with your pharmacist.

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