Janette and daughter Helen’s Story

Shortly after Helen was born we noticed spots on her bottom. These later spread to the whole of her torso, front and back, some down her legs and up to her neck. On a couple of occasions, mainly in shops when she got too hot, the spots would become red and angry-looking. I took her to the doctor several times and was told it was a heat rash (despite the fact the spots never faded). I then asked for a referral to a specialist and Helen was referred to a hospital where she was diagnosed with mastocytosis. She would have been about 1 year old.

To date, (Helen is now 5), she has not had any more reactions. When anyone asks she calls her spots ‘her freckles’ but is completely unbothered by them, luckily. We holiday abroad every year and the heat doesn’t affect her.

[skin spots, mastocytosis]