It’s a Bronze Medal for Immy!

Our young member, Imogen Sharp, won a bronze medal at the WUKF Karate World Championships in Dundee, Scotland in June 2018.    Immy competed for England in the Under-7s category and received her medal in the Kumite (sparring) competition.  Immy trains five days a week at the IESKA Karate Club in Stubbington under Sensei Martyn Styler.  Her parents, Helen and Rich, say, “They are amazing with her.  If she is flaring they change what they are teaching her that day. All of the instructors are aware of Immy and keep an eye on her.  Nothing is too much trouble to make her feel like everyone else.  They all know how to give her her emergency meds and her Epipen and always ask if there are any new triggers, so they can add them to their list.” One accommodation her instructors have had to make is to adapt her karate stances when she has bone pain in her legs so they don’t hurt as much.   Immy doctors keep a good eye on her reactions and keep her meds right so she’s able to face the physical and psychological challenges of performing at this level in karate.  We are so proud, Immy!