Danielle and daughter Marina’s story

Marina my daughter has Diffuse Cutaneous Mastocytosis (DCM) and she is now 26 months old. We had a long battle to try and get her diagnosed; she was finally diagnosed at 15 months old. At the age of 9 months she would crawl around and with any knock or bang she would blister. She gets like bite marks which we now know as hives. She would go bright red in the face. Marina has had biopsies, blood tests, and a scan on her internal organs. Apart from all that she is a very happy child, and my brave little girl. In such a short space of time she has had to cope with a lot, and so have we as a family. She has had many trips to out of hours surgery and lots of hospital appointments. The consultant is still trying to get her medication right as she has had a lot of reactions just recently.

[diffuse cutaneous mastocytosis, DCM, skin rash, skin blisters, child]