Vaccine Statement

Medical Advisors of The UK Mastocytosis Support Group are in the process of updating our vaccine statement to reflect what has been learned since the vaccines were introduced.  If you have questions in the meantime, please feel free to email us at

Please also take look the government’s “Green Book” chapter on COVID vaccination, in which mastocytosis (but not yet MCAS or HaT) is explicitly mentioned.   The discussion of how to assess the possibility of allergies to the vaccine begins on page 31 and on page 32 there is a helpful table you might use to assess your particular situation.

Vaccine Survey

In the Spring of 2021 we asked our members to complete a survey on their experience immediately after vaccination against SARS COV-2.

Some findings of this survey have been published in the journal Hemasphere.  Many thanks to our collaborators, Dr Priya Sriskandarajah, Dr Andrew Whyte and Dr Deepti Radia for their work to get this data published.

Sriskandarajah, Priya; Hobart, Jess; Radia, Deepti H.; Whyte, Andrew F; A UK Survey Examining the Experience of Adults With Mastocytosis Receiving COVID-19 Vaccination, HemaSphere: November 2021 – Volume 5 – Issue 11 – p e650

COVID-19 Statement

We have compiled advice for UK patients with Mast Cell Diseases from UK Mast Cell Disease Doctors.