Christopher’s Story

I have just turned 70. Urticaria Pigmentosa hit me 29 years ago – I do feel a bit of a fraud as so far I have had no really bad effects, as far as I know. All my body – except my face – is reasonably heavily spotted. I do get tired – but cannot tell if this is due to UP or not.

For about 10 years I have had occasional hot /sweaty flushes, which only last about 10 minutes.

I suffer from arthritis but it is hard to say if this is due to UP or just living in rainy Manchester!

My main worry is if course the question – after 29 years will I go systemic and if so to what extent?

I believe that all UP sufferers do go systemic eventually and that I have already gone – to a very mild extent – systemic.

There is of course a danger of blaming my UP (systemic or not) for every little happening in my health (in-growing toe-nails??? – joke).

I did sell my business when 58 so as to have less stress and be able to relax more. I do believe that the onset of my UP was due to me being very run-down and stressed out (divorce).

Everybody is different, I know, and the onset of UP is not officially known (or proven) but my tip, for what it is worth, is try to have as little stress as possible (which in this world today seems impossible!!!).

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