Vaccine Statement

Medical Advisors of The UK Mastocytosis Support Group have prepared a statement on COVID-19 vaccines and mast cell diseases.  We expect this statement to evolve as we learn more about how people with mast cell diseases are doing with their COVID-19 vaccinations, and as more vaccines are approved for use in the UK.



Vaccine Survey

If you have had a COVID-19 vaccination and have a mast cell disease, please consider responding to our survey so that we can learn more about how people with MCDs are doing with these vaccines.  Vaccine Survey

Some findings of this survey have been published in the journal Hemasphere.  Many thanks to our collaborators, Dr Priya Sriskandarajah, Dr Andrew Whyte and Dr Deepti Radia for their work to get this data published.

Sriskandarajah, Priya; Hobart, Jess; Radia, Deepti H.; Whyte, Andrew F; A UK Survey Examining the Experience of Adults With Mastocytosis Receiving COVID-19 Vaccination, HemaSphere: November 2021 – Volume 5 – Issue 11 – p e650

COVID-19 Statement

We have compiled advice for UK patients with Mast Cell Diseases from UK Mast Cell Disease Doctors.