Sodium cromoglycate updates– Stock levels unclear

We recommend you ask your pharmacy to look for both the branded Nalcrom product and the generic capsules if you are looking to fill a prescription, given that supply levels are unclear.   You may also consider requesting the liquid product (as described below).

Sanofi’s Nalcrom branded product was restocked in December, with all stock being purchased quickly by wholesalers.  It is difficult therefore to know whether there are capsules still to be purchased from the wholesalers or not.  Sanofi reports that they will be able to restock in February.

The generic product from Somex Pharmaceuticals (also labeled as Kinedex) will also be resupplied in February.  Like Nalcrom, these generic capsules are distributed via all three major wholesalers (AAH, Phoenix and Alliance). Ordering codes for the wholesale

AAH – SOD0952A
Alliance – 8037509
Phoenix – 6773774

Any questions regarding availability of this generic product at a particular wholesaler depot can be directed to Somex Pharma.

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals is distributing a licensed liquid sodium cromoglycate (100mg/ampoule) dissolved in water.  This is produced by Brown + Burk.