Nalcrom Expected Back in Stock Late November

We are very sorry to report that Sanofi have reported that Nalcrom capsules will not be available again until late November, 2020.

We have contacted the Department of Health and Social Care to report this.  The DHSC have said they will let the pharmacies that import unlicensed medications know that Nalcrom may need to be imported.  We have also been in touch with some of these importing pharmacies to let them know that there is demand for imported Nalcrom during this period.  We do not yet have confirmation that any has secured a supply.

We recommend that if you are due to have your Nalcrom prescription filled you ring a number of local pharmacies, including independent (non-chain) pharmacies in case they happen to have stock available.  You can also ask your pharmacist to ring the importing pharmacies to see if they have stock.  This also lets those importers get a sense of the demand, so serves two purposes.

We will provide and update here when we have one.