Nalcrom Update as of 5 November 2020

Nalcrom (oral sodium cromoglycate) is not expected to be available in the UK from the usual supplier until the week commencing November 23, 2020.

In the interim the DHSC has identified several importing pharmacies that have secured a route for importing sodium cromoglycate that is not licensed in the UK (but is licensed in other countries).  For information please visit:

Please note, that the importing pharmacies may not have supplies in stock, and at this stage the lead time may be several weeks, which may mean that the licensed product is available before the imported supply.  Please also always clarify whether it is covered as an NHS prescription when ordered for importation or clarify what you might be expected to pay for a private prescription.

Please email us at if you have a new concern about supplies of one of the medications you take for your mast cell disorder so that we know as soon as possible about problems and can work to identify alternate routes to obtain them where possible.